How long should you do yoga a day to lose weight?

Less than a year after practicing yoga six to seven days a week, I lost those 85 pounds. If you do yoga for weight loss, Shah recommends a minimum of three to four one-hour sessions per week. The calories burned during yoga vary widely from 180 to 360 per hour, depending on the type of yoga you practice. Fitness Director Guy Caracciolo at the Dedham Health and Athletic Complex in Dedham, MA, places Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and other forms of “power yoga” at the top, along with yoga fusion workouts that accelerate calorie burning when mixed with dancing or kickboxing.

For the best weight loss results, Janda recommended doing yoga three times a week. Stay active and increase your heart rate on the other three or four days as well, whether through cardio workouts, weightlifting sessions, or HIIT workouts. And also keep your diet in mind, eating nutritious foods and avoiding overprocessed products if you can.


alone without dieting makes losing weight difficult, Numbers said.

Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you consume. You'll definitely see noticeable weight loss results from yoga within two weeks.


regularly, and they will only get better from there. You'll feel stronger and slimmer every day.

Harvard Medical School (opens in new tab) recognizes that the overall benefits of yoga go beyond the mat. And really, any type of yoga can contribute to weight loss, Shah says, especially if you're a beginner in fitness or yoga. Certain postures, or asanas, are “killer applications for weight loss, with “benefits that far exceed mere calorie burning and muscle strengthening,” says Nicole Persley, teacher at Yoga and Inner Peace in Lake Worth, FL. However, if you eat healthy and exercise, the results will come, and yoga can definitely have a place in the process, if you so desire.

While there are a variety of types of yoga (opens in a new tab), all forms include moving through a series of postures (asanas). So take into account what experts say about how to do yoga at home to lose weight and get ready to reduce weight with some dogs down. If you're trying to lose body fat, it can be helpful to try several methods to track progress, such as taking weekly pictures and recording inch loss with a measuring tape. A relaxing yoga practice can help you deal with stress in a healthier way and even avoid it, and related weight gain, altogether.

Yoga has long been considered an effective way to relieve stress and, on its own, can be a tool for weight loss. If you find yourself struggling with healthy eating, don't let that stop you from starting a yoga practice. Meanwhile, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (opens in a new tab) also reported that 63% of adults said yoga motivated them to exercise more regularly. In fact, the benefits of yoga (opens in a new tab) may even include indirectly causing weight loss by promoting a conscious way of eating that leads to a more positive relationship with food.

Regular yoga practice can also increase mindfulness and reduce stress, which can help improve nutrition options and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. And practicing mindfulness on your yoga mat can also help when it comes to practicing mindful eating habits.

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