Where was india's first yoga day celebrated?

The Ministry of AYUSH made the necessary arrangements in India. On June 21, the International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually to celebrate the ancient Indian art of healthy living. Translated as “unity” from Sanskrit, Yoga intends to unite body and mind to bring harmony. Every year, on June 21, the world gathers to celebrate the International Day of Yoga.

The day aims to spread awareness of the benefits of spiritual and physical practice that had begun in ancient India. It was suggested that June 21 would be the date to celebrate yoga, since it is also the day of the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The summer solstice is important in many cultures. Maharishi Patanjali's contribution to India is important; he has codified and organized yoga postures or practices in the Yoga Sutras.

According to its famous practitioner BKS Iyengar, “Yoga cultivates ways of maintaining a balanced attitude in daily life and provides the ability to perform one's own actions. Proposing June 21 as the date, Modi said the date was the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (the shortest in the Southern Hemisphere), and it had special meaning in many parts of the world. A selection panel of around 150 yoga experts nominated by the Ministry of Ayush and a 15-member evaluation jury in India nominated by the National Institutes and the Council for the screening of the uploaded videos. The AYUSH protocol describes the foldable hands logo of Yoga Day as a reflection of “the union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness, a perfect harmony between mind and body, man and nature, the holistic approach to health and well-being.

Therefore, with the aim of reminding people across the country of the benefits of Yoga, and encouraging lasting public interest in it, it is advisable that this year maximum use be made of digital, virtual and electronic platforms, to spread the message of IDY. Guided by the theme “Yoga for Humanity”, let's make this Day of Yoga a success and make Yoga even more popular. Yoga is a 5,000-year-old Indian tradition that combines physical, mental and spiritual activities to achieve harmony of body and mind. The next full moon, 28 days later, Shiva became the Adiguru (the first teacher) and transmitted the science of yoga to the Saptarishis.

The proposal came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the General Assembly to set a day for the celebration of Yoga and its benefits for all. It is rightly said that yoga not only provides physical and mental relaxation, but also develops strength and resilience. Early estimates state that yoga was practiced in pre-Vedic India, which dates back to 3000 BC. C.

The United Nations theme for this year is “Yoga for Wellness”, which takes into account how the practice can promote the holistic health of each individual. The eighth edition of the International Day of Yoga (IDY202) is being promoted through multiple programs by the Ministry of Ayush, in partnership with the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga. On June 21, 1993, the World Yoga Festival began in his native place in order to promote the movement for World Yoga Day.

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