What is the true meaning of yoga spiritual union?

The real goal of Yoga is not physical, but spiritual in its essence. Yoga is commonly understood to mean union, unity, bliss. However, it is not so commonly understood that Patanjali, the supposed creator of Classical Yoga, had nothing to do with it. One of the most precious and spiritual discoveries in human history, yoga has a long history.

In ancient Sanskrit, yoga originates from the word YUJ, which means “to unite”. It is the union of the parts within ourselves. It is also a union between individuals and the universe, with other people and with internal and external auras. Patanjali wants us to control these vrittis in the city, in the mind, and that process, he says, is what yoga is.

However, there are some knowledgeable and devoted yogis who are restoring the true value and art of ancient yoga. The first known use of the word yoga anywhere comes from the Rig Veda, which dates back to 1700-1100 BC. C., or about 3000 years before it appeared in English. The eighth member is Samadhi, the complete and final yoga union sustained forever, the bliss that always awakens from pure consciousness.

Like Jesus, who instructed his disciples to pray endlessly, bhakti yoga is the path of pure immersion in love. He discovers the deeper meaning of Yoga and uses it as a basis for self-realization, liberation and enlightenment. The philosophy of yoga is one of the six branches of the Vedas, which are considered to be one of the oldest scriptures in the world. Like a SIM card, which pings so that the satellite discovers its own network, and then follows it wherever it goes, being in Yoga means being in constant union with God and never disconnecting from God.

Of course, these are parts of Ashtanga Yoga or the Eight Members of Yoga, but in reality, this is not Yoga. The different Yoga systems are suitable for different personality types, so choose the path that calls you.

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